Development and application of behaviour change interventions within organisations: Seminar by Dr Rachel Carey, UCL London

On Wednesday, 6th December we welcomed Dr Racel Carey, UCL London to present research from UCL Centre for Behaviour Change. The focus was on using the Behaviour Change Wheel as a framework for intervention design, as well as discussing the ‘real-world’ applications of this approach.

Title: The Behaviour Change Wheel: a framework for intervention design with ‘real-world’ applications.

Abstract: Behaviour change is central to many global societal challenges. Behaviour change interventions have the potential to address these challenges, but many are developed without a solid theoretical basis, meaning that the accumulation of knowledge about ‘what works’ has been relatively slow. The science of behaviour change applies theory, methods, and evidence about behaviour change to the development of interventions that can be applied to a wide range of areas, including health and healthcare, business, policy, cybersecurity, transport, and the environment. This talk will explore how theories and techniques from behaviour change science, including the Behaviour Change Wheel framework, can be applied in practice – both within and outside of research settings.

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